How To Reduce Your Fears Of Public Speaking


One habit could reduce your fears of public speaking, criticism, failure and more

For years, researchers had been studying the potential for mindfulness practices, such as meditation, to help reduce fear responses like hers. According to studies from 2015 and 2020, some students have successfully used mindfulness-based stress reduction programs to lessen their fears of academic evaluation, which interfered with their abilities to study. 

People who struggled with social phobias or fears related to post-traumatic stress also benefited from mindfulness training, according to research published in 2010 and 2017, respectively.

Most find the practice of intentionally focusing one's awareness on their breathing, bodily sensations and emotions helpful for regulating overthinking, fear and shame.

An eight-week mindfulness course designed for students gave them calm and made them feel more accepting towards themselves and their anxiety problems. The participants started using mindfulness when they were distracted by anxious feelings in academic performance situations. Some participants described a gradual shift in their everyday life, where they experienced less fear and more curiosity in their own academic studies.

For people who still feel fear in response to certain situations, mindfulness can help them stay or sit with these experiences and learn they can cope through them. It is the regulation of emotions, and hence, also the regulation of behavior.

The effects of this type of training can be long-lasting. Neuroscientific studies indicate that eight weeks of  training can lead to changes in the brain.

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