Promoting Better Balance With Physical Activity


Here's the way to exercise for better balance

Losing your balance can be embarrassing, but dangerous. The more often you lose your balance, the more likely you are to take a tumble that leads to injury.

Falls aren't just the leading cause of injury in adults age 65 and older but in almost all age groups in the United States. 

It's something you can change by exercising your way to better balance and decrease the risk of injury. One of the most important benefits of exercise is making you less susceptible to injury in your daily life. Improving your balance does that by reducing your odds of falling.

Balance-training exercise may not be what you expect. It's not just about practicing standing on one leg. The best way to enhance balance and prevent falls, particularly as we age, is through a multifaceted approach, research has shown.

A well-rounded exercise program helps you improve body awareness and move better with increased strength, stability and coordination.

Regardless of what style of exercise you perform, the ability to move and balance your body in any activity comes from the connection between your brain, nervous system and muscles. This is your mind-body connection. Mind and body communication is driven specifically by two aspects of your central nervous system: proprioception, also known as kinesthetic sense, and your vestibular system.

Proprioceptors located in your joints and muscles inform your sense of movement, posture and the orientation of your limbs in space. The vestibular system, located in your inner ear, provides a sense of overall balance based on the movement of the head.

There are health issues, like nerve damage, that can hinder balance. If you have a habit of falling, it's important to see your doctor to rule out any medical problems.

Use these tips to improve your at home workouts: 

  • Start by testing your balance 

  • Enhance body awareness and control 

  • Increase stability 

  • Improve coordination

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