Medicare Seems To Be Confusing To Most Americans


Poll shows Medicare for All is confusing to most Americans


A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that majorities of those polled have mistaken views about the government-run program backed by Bernie Sanders during the 2020 primaries.

Around seven in 10 Americans think they would continue to pay deductibles and copays under Medicare for All when in fact they would not. 54% wrongly believe that individuals and employers would continue to pay premiums.

The same share think those who currently get health insurance through their jobs or buy it on their own would be able to keep their plans, when in fact the current proposals would essentially do away with private insurance altogether.

An  aspect of Medicare for All that the vast majority of those polled understand very well is that some 78% say that taxes would increase for most people under such a plan.

Under Medicare for All, everyone would be enrolled in a government-run program that would provide comprehensive benefits with no premiums or out-of-pocket charges. 

Implementing a Medicare for All-type system doesn’t rank as high when looking at health care topics. Some 28% of respondents want to hear how the candidates would lower the amount people pay for health care and another 18% want them to discuss increasing access to care.

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