Healthcare Use is on the Rise and May Stay That Way for the Next Coming Years


Healthcare Use is on the Rise and May Stay That Way for the Next Coming Years

The pandemic is driving up demand for healthcare, and that trend could continue well into the coming years. Almost 95% are expected to see increased demand for medical services due to employees deferring care because of the pandemic. Over 90% are concerned about their employees’ long-term mental health because of COVID-19.

More than three-quarters expect employees to have an increased need for help managing chronic conditions. Almost 70% expect a higher prevalence of late-stage cancers due to delayed screenings.

Employers expect healthcare spending will jump about 6% both this year and next. In comparison, there was no overall change in spending last year. Employers reported a range from a 10% increase in spending for 2020, to a 12% decrease.

To combat the mental health challenges caused by the pandemic, providing access to mental health care will be a major area of focus in 2022.

Virtual healthcare has been a force providing care for behavioral health issues as well as for addressing physical health concerns during the pandemic.

At the same time, employers are expected to put an increasing emphasis on on-site healthcare clinics, which can provide COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and help employees manage their chronic conditions.

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